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Hi, I’m Jakob Lehr, art director, design professor and artist. You may be interested in my portfolio PDF and resume. Also: Twitter, Podcast, Vimeo, LinkedIn.

This is
why and how

Coming from a family of architects, teachers and shoe­makers, I believe the magic in­gredient is a com­bi­nation of intellect, craft, and play­ful­ness. Like here —

Ambitious Fishes Wall Poster

API & Geolocation Ambitious Fishes (2010) Custom-made swimming pool plans for Berliners (Website).

Grouse Intro Sequence
Grouse advertising filming set

Art Direction Flight of The Grouse (2009) Guided interactive installation for The Famous Grouse Whiskey visitor centre in Crieff, Scotland. Images courtesy ART+COM

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Icons (2002 to 2010) Many more.

Asja & Ben running
Asja & Ben title set

Motion Graphics Asja & Ben (2009) Two likeable characters going out. An animated mini series.

Tennisfreunde Opposite Players
Tennisfreunde Shilhouettes

Social Tennisfreunde Berliin (2007) Electronic sports club that brings Wii Tennis to unusual venues. Founded by Kochlik, Lehr, Paul.

Roland Koch at al. at the documenta mobil
documenta mobil touch surface

Touch UI documenta mobil (2004) Mobile eleven-meter media table with touch UI, featuring 50 years of documenta art exhibition. Images courtesy ART+COM

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